About Mistle

Mistle is a spirit borne from nature and hidden in the clothing designs, where the concept of the conscious world connects creative personalities. This Classic Streetwear filled with floral and nature motifs is aimed towards people who long for something more sophisticated than just another piece of clothing. We support original individuals, all those whose habits and lifestyles differ from what is commonly presented by the general of the society. We want you to feel good about wearing our clothes and using our products - not just because they offer you a unique way to express yourself, but also because they’re ethically and responsibly made.
The brand is focused on botanic themes which contain plants, mushrooms, fruits and herbs. This inspiration blossoms with the clothes we create, where every piece is treated like a canvas to be painted on. We have a vision that turns obstacles into opportunity, a creative courage to tempt the impossible... And embrace the strange. We focus on inspiring the world and each individual to make nature their lifestyle.
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